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about Alexandra

Hi there! How nice to see that you want to know a little bit more about me. I am always up for getting to know each other personally over a cup of coffee. This is possible at your place or a local cafe, so that we can immediately get into your project and wishes and preferably be able to look at the project. Rather meet first during an online introductory meeting? That is of course also possible.


I am a design professional who very much enjoys working on interiors and other kinds design challenges. Every day I unleash my creativity to design private and business interiors with a minimalist and timeless appearance. A clear design, no fuss and, above all, combining value-adding elements that together tell a clear story about either the owners, the house or the business. For me, the interior is a platform that you can shape to be be fully yourself, to feel inspired, to feel comfortable and at home. 

Because of my broad creative passion and background as a product designer, I also work on stand-alone furniture designs such as a bookcase, dining table, bar stool, even lighting, a piece of jewellery and very occasionally a splurge in the form of an interactive work of art for a festival. All this work can be found under the "Other work" tab. My affinity for design, architecture, art and photography comes together in my company "Alexandra Izeboud Design", which I founded in 2018 and where I can always tackle new challenges, which gives me immense satisfaction.

I have a technical background at University of Technology in Delft, with a completed masters study in Industrial Design. This means that I work meticulously, I always conduct research, consider different options, and present design choices so that substantiated and considered decision-making always take place. Aesthetics, technical feasibility, process and budget are all important to achieve a good end result. 
During my working period at architectural firm Ideal Projects and materials library Broeinest Baars & Bloemhoff I have gained years of knowledge and experience in the field, which allows me to be confident and professional throughout the entire design process. I can recognise opportunities and risks and pay attention to possible obstacles early in the process and even know how to solve or even convert them into qualities within a design.

From concept, technical development and guidance in the construction phase, I have brought many projects to a satisfying end result. The passion for the design profession and the inspiring collaborations that result from it is what drives me to create truly unique and well thought out interiors. Good communication, true involvement and solution-oriented thinking is what I stand for.
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