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St. Oedenrode
Project description
This farmhouse in the center of Sint-Oedenrode has undergone a major renovation, in which the old rear facade has been moved by one meter and subsequently an extension/conservatory has been created, where the kitchen/diner is located. The new facade consists entirely of glass, allowing a lot of light to enter the previously dark space.

Although the new architecture has been beautifully realized, the residents were faced with the problem of not being able to achieve unity in the interior. Loose furniture and lighting were selected over a period of 10 years, which ultimately caused the unity to be missing. Alexandra  Izeboud has retained as many existing elements as possible and supplemented it with a new extended custom kitchen that creates the connection between front and rear. New furniture, lighting, a large rug and curtains have also been drawn in to create a consistent story in the interior. The interior exudes peace, feels light and offers space to relax.

Realization: 2021
Customization: Oakenzo

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