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Privet Street
The Hague
Project description
Alexandra Izeboud was able to work on the design of the interior when realizing this new roof structure in The Hague. The  space layout, materialization, lighting and electrical plan and the custom kitchen in which the main questions. Due to the square shape (7.00 x 7.00 meters) of the new structure, the challenge was mainly to design the new living room as spaciously as possible while retaining the atmosphere of the building built in 1918. Alexandra Izeboud has designed as much space as possible to be functional. decided to position the kitchen wall with oven and refrigerator partly above the staircase, whereby the transition between wall and kitchen flow into each other in a natural way and therefore appear to be part of the architecture. The rustic wooden wall is the attractive element that adds warmth to the otherwise sleek white space. The Hague blue wall and sea green island in combination with concrete provide a fresh and modern touch. The kitchen is the element in the room around which attention and activities take place. One of the wishes that the clients had indicated at the start of the project. A nice detail in the materialization are the sea green tiles from Winckelmans that are used all around the frame.

Customization: Oakenzo
realization: 2020

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