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Project description
Alexandra Izeboud was commissioned by Ideal Projects to redesign the head office of financial consultancy firm TriFinance Amsterdam. TriFinance moved into an office space opposite the AJAX stadium, where they took over the existing interior and associated inventory from the previous tenant. The look and feel of the office and the functionalities of the rooms were therefore not yet in line with TriFinance's requirements. For example, various meeting rooms had to be redesigned, such as a formal 10P meeting room, a 4P meeting/brainstorming room, an informal lounge and a training room for 20 people where lessons are given on all trends and developments within the finance sector.

The fire red corporate identity color is what TriFinance is known for and it played an important role in the materialization  so that it has a recognizable and connecting role. Alexandra has reflected this in custom floor coverings made of Donkersloot carpet, which has been used in the entrance area and in some meeting rooms. There was also room for the use of a striking art object, which was chosen for 
a bright red Strelizia from Wandschappen, an artist duo from Rotterdam. 

The new interior has striking graphic elements that provide an accessible and young atmosphere that fully fits within TriFinance's work culture. 

Client: TriFinance
Freelance assignment: Commissioned by Ideal Projects
Customization: Immano
Furniture: Interiorworks

delivered in: 2022

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