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Northland Power
Project description
On behalf of Ideal Projects, Alexandra Izeboud was able to redesign the Dutch headquarters of sustainable energy supplier / manager and developer Northland Power in Amsterdam. The existing interior no longer met current standards and could therefore be upgraded with a representative look and feel in which the qualities of Northland are clearly communicated. The office floor is laid out with clear functionalities; an entrance/reception area, meeting rooms for formal and informal consultations, a partially open office garden and more private/quiet spaces for concentrated work. The flowing lines in the floor finishes, the homely choices in furniture, color and upholstery provide an accessible and down to Earth atmosphere where Northland employees enjoy working and their customers feel right at home. 

Client: Northland Power
Freelance assignment: Commissioned by Ideal Projects
Customization: BEMA
Furniture: Interiorworks
Delivered in: 2023

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