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The Hague
Project description
The ground floor of a previously rented floor consisting of two studios was put up for sale together in 2018 and was purchased by a new resident. A thorough renovation was necessary to restore the monumental qualities of the house and this was carried out in phases. The rear part was renovated first, including a new kitchen and bathroom. However, in the front part of the house where the bedroom is located, the space was still furnished as a separate rental studio with an old kitchenette and  a bathroom that has become redundant.

In this assignment, Alexandra Izeboud was allowed to develop a new layout in which the space could be given new functionalities that better suit the client. This is a colorful multifunctional loftinspirede space with a workplace, bedroom on the loft, a walk-in closet and a yoga/relaxation room. The walls have been partly removed and new ones have been placed to create the layout. All surfaces have also been tackled, the floor has been renewed, warm colors for the walls and the stairs have been renovated. 

The real eye-catcher of the house is the renovated hall. Previously, all pipework hung in plain sight against the ceiling. During the renovation we moved it and hidden it in a custom-made cupboard, which makes the bar in the hall stand out very nicely, partly due to the painted walls and lighting. A beautiful entrance with a small intervention and a big effect.
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