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Van Hoornestraat
The Hague
Project description
Alexandra  is responsible for the realization of this private interior in Scheveningen. asked to develop a new lighting and electrical plan and also to think about realizing custom sliding doors. The second is a question that arose given the fact that the stairs to the 1st floor are accessible from the living room and the residents wanted to prevent it from looking cluttered due to the many doors in the living room. The three sliding doors have a hidden sliding system, which makes the doors appear to be "floating" attached to the wall. One of the sliding doors also has bookshelves where the books stay in place with elastic. This provides extra functionality and therefore a cozy and playful living room effect.
Lighting plan
A major gesture that has been realized through the lighting plan is the interplay of the skylight and the rectangular track lighting that runs parallel in the kitchen / dining room. In this way, a connection has been created between the front and rear of the house and the length of the house is accentuated even more.
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